When it comes to playing like a champion, you have to learn how to practice like a champion. Whether your goal is to shape up, trim down or go for the gold medal, our dedicated leaders will prove to you that you've got what it takes. I can't believe that God put us on this Earth to be ordinary."– Coach Lou Holtz

The Training Room founder, Mike Ages, learned this lesson first hand from Coach Lou Holtz, one of the most influential college coaches in U.S. history. As a starting Wide Receiver for the University of South Carolina, Mike learned a simple logic that made the most challenging feats… well, simple.


Mike and his elite group of experienced trainers have transformed their clients from pee-wees to professional level athletes. TRPhx Trainers boast decades of combined experience in a wide range of focus areas, such as Sports Specific Training, Strength and Conditioning, and Body Sculpting.

During your initial visit, we’ll assess your current fitness level with a series of simple exercises including push-ups, crunches, squats, range of motion, and 3-mintute step test. This is where the magic of building a program begins. Using this information, your trainer will create a customized work out that focuses on improving on weaknesses and maximizing your strengths. This personalized work out program creates quicker results, great time management in the gym, and a dependable program that you can continue to build on over time.


We are a fitness company that prides ourselves on safety and customer satisfaction first. We understand our clientele and their needs while creating an engaging, non-judgmental, down to earth, and fun atmosphere that will encourage you to work hard and better your lifestyle.

We strive to maintain a simple structure that allows great scheduling flexibility between the trainers and their clients. We don't participate in any gimmicks and we don't have any color coded theories. We focus on customizing our programs for clients to execute and, through proper consistency, get the desired results!

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